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Chic Retreat Survey

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 Entry ID Date Created Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend? Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat? What could we have done better? Anything to add, we'd love to hear! Thank you!
60April 22, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

I didn’t like the way the bag lunch was done in the small room.
I actually felt that the server had too much to do on their own

Thank you. I have so much gratitude for the weekend!
Trish Bowie

59April 7, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

Food on the first night - pasta, not filling enough and not a lot of food options at the resort

Thank you for a wonderful weekend experience!

46March 19, 2023Day Pass4

For the day pass it would have been nice to get to experience the beverages! A wine tasting experience, even a mimosa bar in the morning with fruit, scones and snacks.. the buffet was very simple and not the greatest. A bar set up during lunch would have been nice to enjoy a glass of wine or other drinks too! This is a fun, getaway weekend to treat yourself.. wine and mimosas please!

A one night option would be great!

Snacks during the mornings and afternoons!

More vendors for the pop up market!

Would love to hear a speaker talk about starting their business and their journey to how they got to where they are now!

More mini treatments to get pampered..
Teeth whiting, facials, pedicures, Lash tint & lifts, botox?! 💃

Love the Chic Retreat!!!

45March 17, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

The food could have been better. Addition of a fruit basked that was always available and full. Just to grab a banana or apple when you felt a little hungry or before bed.

44March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

To be honest… literally BLOWN away!!!! And loved that nothing was mandatory but rather an invitation to join and take part of whatever you felt called towards 🙏🏼🤍

The attention to ALL of the details, the energy of every person behind the scenes organizing and welcoming people in, my jaw was dropped the entire time!!!

The value, the decor, the speakers sharing their stories, the vendors and free gifts, the food and beverages in every room always available

It was magical and have no doubt would sell out instantly on the next round by how many people are going to be talking about this for long after!!!

Like where can I get my tickets to the next?!?! Count me in… and ten friends hahah

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

43March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing
42March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

Maybe add the option of a third night to the booking? I would have loved to stay longer and had a day of rest/spa

Would love 3days/3 nights 🙂

And maybe not on daylight savings weekend next time...

I would have also loved more time at the spa - but there was so many events I didn't want to miss!!

41March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

The food was sub par, with many only eating some salad greens and a couple of small sandwiches.
A bar set up where you could buy more beverages, more than just water/coffee/tea for the whole day. Many times there were no water glasses left.

Thank you for such a memorable weekend!

40March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Nothing at all. Everything was truly well done. I have raved to all my friends already.

Thank you for an amazing day. A truly well run event. I will hopefully be back next year!

39March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

It was a great experience, I can’t think of anything to improve!

38March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Thankyou ♥️

37March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Better lunch choices

Congratulations, good job to everyone involved. Thank you!

36March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

More food choices, snacks etc

35March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

For attending one day things seemed great

Great job Amy and team!

34March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

You ladies really put on a most memorable weekend. I came alone and immediately felt embraced. Made so many new friends and really enjoyed the speakers.
I feel so honored to have shared space with you all.

Let’s bring the Chic retreat to San Francisco ✨✨

33March 15, 2023Day Pass4

I was disappointed there was no wine or beverages other than tea/water/coffee at lunch and no wine at all for the day pass which was advertised with this pass. I love wine and I was really looking forward to trying a new “possible” favorite!

The food menu was great but the quality of the food I felt was subpar (this I know was out of your control but I still wanted to give you this feedback for if there is a next time).

I loved hearing you had a vision and you brought it to life! So inspiring! Thank you for achieving your dreams and being the kind of person who is humble and open to feedback and improving. This is so important to see in todays society! Keep up the amazing work and be a positive influence to other women!

32March 15, 2023Day Pass4
31March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

Honestly nothing I can think of!!! Everything was so incredibly well organized. And there were so many people to help and answer questions.

Jocelyn held onto my beauty box ALL weekend and got it to me on Sunday. She is so amazing!!!

30March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

I felt there wasn’t enough down time, I wanted to do all the workshops and see all the speakers but I also wanted to relax and take in the beauty of the hotel and amenities.

I’d love to have a bit more time to relax, reflect and take it all in.

29March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing
28March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

I totally understand the stacking of speakers, but definitely missed out on some I would have liked to attend because of overlap.

I can only imagine how much work went into this weekend. I truly appreciate you and your team. It would have been nice to connect with you, but having the introduction will lead our paths to cross again I am sure. Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for the future

27March 15, 2023Day Pass4

I think that the lunch Saturday did not have the networking value as people disappear to the rooms.
Having a day pass I also was there for networking!
Else all around a great event!

The welcome Saturday with dance and song was amazing and sat the vibe for the retreat!

26March 14, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing
25March 14, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

The food needs to be more and higher quality. Snack breaks with fresh fruit and easy to eat items.

24March 14, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing
 Entry ID Date Created Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend? Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat? What could we have done better? Anything to add, we'd love to hear! Thank you!