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Chic Retreat Survey

 Entry ID Date Created Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend? Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat? What could we have done better? Anything to add, we'd love to hear! Thank you!
60April 22, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

I didn’t like the way the bag lunch was done in the small room.
I actually felt that the server had too much to do on their own

Thank you. I have so much gratitude for the weekend!
Trish Bowie

59April 7, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

Food on the first night - pasta, not filling enough and not a lot of food options at the resort

Thank you for a wonderful weekend experience!

46March 19, 2023Day Pass4

For the day pass it would have been nice to get to experience the beverages! A wine tasting experience, even a mimosa bar in the morning with fruit, scones and snacks.. the buffet was very simple and not the greatest. A bar set up during lunch would have been nice to enjoy a glass of wine or other drinks too! This is a fun, getaway weekend to treat yourself.. wine and mimosas please!

A one night option would be great!

Snacks during the mornings and afternoons!

More vendors for the pop up market!

Would love to hear a speaker talk about starting their business and their journey to how they got to where they are now!

More mini treatments to get pampered..
Teeth whiting, facials, pedicures, Lash tint & lifts, botox?! ?

Love the Chic Retreat!!!

45March 17, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

The food could have been better. Addition of a fruit basked that was always available and full. Just to grab a banana or apple when you felt a little hungry or before bed.

44March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

To be honest… literally BLOWN away!!!! And loved that nothing was mandatory but rather an invitation to join and take part of whatever you felt called towards ???

The attention to ALL of the details, the energy of every person behind the scenes organizing and welcoming people in, my jaw was dropped the entire time!!!

The value, the decor, the speakers sharing their stories, the vendors and free gifts, the food and beverages in every room always available

It was magical and have no doubt would sell out instantly on the next round by how many people are going to be talking about this for long after!!!

Like where can I get my tickets to the next?!?! Count me in… and ten friends hahah

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

43March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing
42March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

Maybe add the option of a third night to the booking? I would have loved to stay longer and had a day of rest/spa

Would love 3days/3 nights 🙂

And maybe not on daylight savings weekend next time...

I would have also loved more time at the spa - but there was so many events I didn't want to miss!!

41March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

The food was sub par, with many only eating some salad greens and a couple of small sandwiches.
A bar set up where you could buy more beverages, more than just water/coffee/tea for the whole day. Many times there were no water glasses left.

Thank you for such a memorable weekend!

40March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Nothing at all. Everything was truly well done. I have raved to all my friends already.

Thank you for an amazing day. A truly well run event. I will hopefully be back next year!

39March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

It was a great experience, I can’t think of anything to improve!

38March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Thankyou ♥️

37March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

Better lunch choices

Congratulations, good job to everyone involved. Thank you!

36March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

More food choices, snacks etc

35March 15, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing

For attending one day things seemed great

Great job Amy and team!

34March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

You ladies really put on a most memorable weekend. I came alone and immediately felt embraced. Made so many new friends and really enjoyed the speakers.
I feel so honored to have shared space with you all.

Let’s bring the Chic retreat to San Francisco ✨✨

33March 15, 2023Day Pass4

I was disappointed there was no wine or beverages other than tea/water/coffee at lunch and no wine at all for the day pass which was advertised with this pass. I love wine and I was really looking forward to trying a new “possible” favorite!

The food menu was great but the quality of the food I felt was subpar (this I know was out of your control but I still wanted to give you this feedback for if there is a next time).

I loved hearing you had a vision and you brought it to life! So inspiring! Thank you for achieving your dreams and being the kind of person who is humble and open to feedback and improving. This is so important to see in todays society! Keep up the amazing work and be a positive influence to other women!

32March 15, 2023Day Pass4
31March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

Honestly nothing I can think of!!! Everything was so incredibly well organized. And there were so many people to help and answer questions.

Jocelyn held onto my beauty box ALL weekend and got it to me on Sunday. She is so amazing!!!

30March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing

I felt there wasn’t enough down time, I wanted to do all the workshops and see all the speakers but I also wanted to relax and take in the beauty of the hotel and amenities.

I’d love to have a bit more time to relax, reflect and take it all in.

29March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing
28March 15, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

I totally understand the stacking of speakers, but definitely missed out on some I would have liked to attend because of overlap.

I can only imagine how much work went into this weekend. I truly appreciate you and your team. It would have been nice to connect with you, but having the introduction will lead our paths to cross again I am sure. Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for the future

27March 15, 2023Day Pass4

I think that the lunch Saturday did not have the networking value as people disappear to the rooms.
Having a day pass I also was there for networking!
Else all around a great event!

The welcome Saturday with dance and song was amazing and sat the vibe for the retreat!

26March 14, 2023Day Pass5 - Amazing
25March 14, 2023Full Weekend Retreat4

The food needs to be more and higher quality. Snack breaks with fresh fruit and easy to eat items.

24March 14, 2023Full Weekend Retreat5 - Amazing
 Entry ID Date Created Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend? Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat? What could we have done better? Anything to add, we'd love to hear! Thank you!

Lets get socially acquainted

📣 It’s Official! 📣

Join us for the ultimate luxury experience at The Chic Retreat, OKGN at the stunning luxurious private estate @chateauOkanagan ✨💕🍇💃

🗓️ November 1-3, 2024

Indulge in a weekend of self-love, self-confidence, and empowerment!

This is an unforgettable, all-inclusive 3 Days / 2 Nights  Retreat overlooking the Okanagan Lake @chateauOkanagan 

📋 Here’s what’s included:
✨ Keynote Speakers 
✨ Bespoke workshops with meaningful content focused on self-love, trauma healing, confidence and more 
✨ On-site private chef serving all meals, snacks and drinks
✨ Wine tasting and cocktail experiences
✨ Exclusive empowering activations 
✨ Daily movement, breathwork, and fitness sessions
✨ Massage and vitamin IV drips
✨ Curated personal nutrition plans and personal training mini-sessions
✨ World-class spa amenities including indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, saunas, and more
✨ Live Music, DJ, Movies, Connections + so much more! 

Don’t miss out on this incredible  experience and a chance to indulge in opulence without traveling far! 
Comment “RETREAT” if you want more details or send us a DM.

#ChicRetreatOkanagan #SelfLove #womensRetreat #womenempowerment #okanaganevents #retreat #kelownaEvent #chateauokanagan
🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Join us at the Connect + Collab Business Mixer hosted by @amynicolecohen 
Topic: Marketing with guest speaker @jennaswetlikoff 
Charity Spotlight @helensacreskelowna 

💌You’re Invited!💌

Calling all passionate individuals ready to ignite connections and elevate your business game!

What to Expect:

✨ Dynamic Networking: with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.
✨ Engaging Business Conversations: meaningful discussions.
✨ Power Connections: Build a network that empowers and supports your journey.
✨ Coffee on Us

📅 February 15 (Thursday) 
⏰ 9:00AM-10:45AM
📍 @thirdspacecoffee 

RSVP now! ⬇️link in bio 

Let’s connect, collaborate, and conquer together! 🚀🌐 

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Choose the kind of women who not only light up a room but light up your soul. They’re the ones who inspire, uplift, and remind you of your limitless potential. 

Tag the women who came to mind as you were reading this. 💕
Post-Chic Summit vibes: Exactly where I’m meant to be. ✨ 

Grateful for the inspiration, connections, and empowering moments at the #ChicSummit. 

In the comments below kindly share what’s your biggest takeaway from this incredible gathering? 💬

Would love to read and inspire others. 💖
“ATB offering valuable, practical financial insights - and great interactive live polling experience to look at real life scenarios” @atbwealth

We’ve been flooded with questions about the dress code for the Chic Summit! Well, here it is—swipe left for inspo! 

PS. These are just ideas; wear what makes you feel your best! Join us and let’s embrace chic together! ✨

Introducing more of our incredible lineup of speakers for The Chic Summit! 

✨ Kelly Gillies x @sonawellnessclinic 
✨ @pamelapearson14 
 ✨@rebeccanmcguire x @ATBwealth 

Get ready to be inspired and empowered by these phenomenal women on February 2nd and 3rd!
Drop a 💖 if you are attending! Have a question? — Leave us a comment ⬇️

#chicsummit #kelownaevents #kelownabusiness #womensupportingwomen #networkingevent #okanaganevents #womenempowerment #chicevents #businessconference #leadershipconference #womensummit

The @atbwealth team will take the stage with some incredible panelists and community leaders joining them. And don’t forget to check out their workshop—we can’t wait to hear all the valuable insight they provide. 

Join us in a warm welcome for these incredible team members:

✨ Sherri Wright-Schwietz, Senior Vice President, ATB Wealth Advisory Services
✨ Allison Comeau, Vice President, Growth & Innovation, ATB Wealth 
✨ Silvi Malinowski, Associate Vice President, National Growth, ATB Wealth 
✨ Rebecca McGuire, Regional Director, BC & Saskatchewan, ATB Wealth 
✨ Tina Stanley, Wealth Advisor, ATB Wealth
✨ Michelle Seymour, Managing Director, Wealth Planning, ATB Wealth 
✨ Allan Leung, Managing Director, Wealth Products, ATB Wealth 

ATB Wealth delivers exceptional wealth planning expertise and management services to help our clients sort through the complexities of their financial lives, so they can focus on the things that matter most.

We cannot wait to see you all at The Chic Summit!💖 

🎟️ We have 10 one day GOLD tickets available for Friday, February 2nd to attend the full package Chic Summit.  Drop a comment below if you want to snag one!⬇️
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Hello beauties! 

The anticipation for the Chic Summit is real, and we’re here to answer all your burning questions! 

Swipe left to dive into the FAQs and get ready for an empowering and glamorous experience at the Chic Summit on February 2nd and 3rd! 💖
#chicsummit #chicevents #BusinessWorkshops #NetworkingEvent  #BusinessLeadership #ChicExperience #kelownaevents #okanaganevents

Could it even be a Chic Summit event without these amazing speakers and guests? 🎤 🤩⁠
⁠Of course not! 


Comment “SUMMIT”  below if you’re as excited as we are to hear from them and hang out with them!?

The Chic Summit
February 2 + 3 
@50thparallelwine by day +  @deltagrandhotel @oakandcru by night.
#chicsummit #kelownaevents #lastchance ##kelownabusiness #womensupportingwomen #networkingevent #okanaganevents #womenempowerment #chicevents #businessconference #leadershipconference
💥🚨We still have a few tickets for the Chic Summit! Ticket sales close 1/ 23 12pm. Link in Bio 🎟️🎟️

We could not have done or imagined this incredible 2-day business and leadership conference without our incredible sponsors!🙌🏼💖🙏🏼


We can’t wait for you to experience these amazing businesses, hear the incredible speakers and soak up all the experiences at The Chic Summit🥳👏🏼
#thankful #eventsponsors #tce #chicsummit #chicconference #chicEvent #tcs #conference2024 #grateful
With the countdown on for The Chic Summit, we are bursting with excitement for so many reasons, such as hearing the speakers, seeing the connections that will be forged, and the incredible experiences! ✨🚀👯‍♀️

We are thrilled to offer an interactive Tea Blending Workshop, a perfect experience amidst The Chic Summit. Led by Tory, @VicandJoTea an expert TEO and Tea Sommelier, who will guide you through the basics of tea blending, preparing you to create your very own bespoke blend, powered by ATB Wealth. 

We are grateful for these experiences and the support of @ATBWealth, and all they do to support our beautiful community. 

Did you know? ATB Wealth delivers expert advice and wealth planning that goes beyond the expected. They offer an innovative and inclusive wealth management approach for everyone—no matter the level of investor or complex need. So that anyone can attain a clear strategy to grow their investments and improve their financial wellness. 

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Together, Let’s celebrate the Chic Summit! 

Connect, Inspire, Elevate, and Thrive… we’re not holding back… 

🚀 5 Keynote Speakers
🚀 12+ Workshops
🚀 8 Activations + Experiences
🚀 $400+ Gifting per Attendee
🚀 7 Pop-Up Shops
🚀 100+ Connections 

Join us on February 2+3 for an 2 Day Women’s Conference, an unforgettable experience at the breathtaking @50thparallelwine and @deltagrandhotel +  @oakandcru overlooking the Okanagan Lake. Hosted by @amynicolecohen 

This is not just a conference; it’s a journey of personal and professional growth worth over $3000 per ticket! 🚀 

We’re saving a seat until MONDAY for YOU—secure your spot before tickets close (1/22)! 🎟️ 

Comment below if you want more info OR what are you most looking forward to at The Chic Summit. 🥰🥳👯‍♀️
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✨ Introducing the Extraordinary Pop-Up Shops and Businesses at The Chic Summit! 🛍💼

We are beyond thrilled to showcase the amazing popup shops and businesses adding flair to The Chic Summit! This event wouldn’t be complete without their support and unique offerings.

Drum roll please… 🥁
✨ @wolfandwomanjewelry
✨ @okanagan_blankets
✨ @vicandjotea
✨ @we.wild.women
✨ @shisakodesign
✨ @graceandflow
✨ @audaxboutique

We’re incredibly grateful for their support, and the excitement is building up! The countdown is on for this unforgettable 2-day Women’s Business + Leadership conference, The Chic Summit!

Get ready for a chic experience with these phenomenal businesses, because #ChicSummit is not just an event; it’s a celebration of empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

We can’t wait for you to experience these amazing businesses and pop up shops at The Summit!🥳👏🏼

Secure your spot now by grabbing your tickets - the link is waiting for you in our bio! 💖🥳
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Introducing our amazing sponsors at The Chic Summit! !🙌🏻 
We could not do this event without these incredible businesses and women supporting the vision. 

Drum roll please… 
✨@atbwealth and their team 
✨@billiondollarbrows x @natalieplain 
✨@gloantiagingyouthlab x @kariglos 
✨@moverx.ylw x @drchriscol ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ Shannon + Tamara
✨@success21salon Samantha
✨@sonawellnessclinic @theholisticblonde 

We’re grateful and bursting with excitement, and the countdown is on, for this unforgettable 2-day Women’s Business + Leadership conference, The Chic Summit! 

Secure your seat by grabbing your tickets now - Ticket sales close Jan 23– Only 14 MORE DAYS -  the link is waiting for you in our bio! 💖🥳
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IG LIVE!!!! 📣📣📣 Join us TOMORROW at 11AM PST for an exclusive Instagram Live session with some of the brilliant speakers of the Chic Retreat New York - @amynicolecohen ,  @natalieplain and @steph_leis !🗽✨ 

Get ready for a morning filled with empowerment, inspiration, and all things chic, over a 30 minute chat about what to expect AND q&a 💃🏼🎤 

Don't miss out - mark your calendars and tune in for a dose of motivation and excitement! 🌸🙌🏻🥰
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🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Just 7 days until the Chic Retreat NYC, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our amazing additional speakers who are going to make this event even more fabulous! 💃✨

1️⃣ Tammi Marks - Get ready to embark on a LOVE journey like no other with Tammi, a seasoned matchmaker and dating coach with one of the top matchmaking companies in the US. Her approach is truly UNIQUE, and she'll be leading a workshop and sharing insights on forging meaningful relationships. Get ready to discover a whole new perspective on love! 💖 @tammi_tawks 

2️⃣ Clari - Say hello to our Certified Precision Nutritional health coach! Clari is all about empowering women to take charge of their health with low-cost, impactful changes in their daily eating habits. Get ready for practical tips that will make a huge difference in your overall well-being. 🌿💪 @workitladypodcast 

3️⃣ Elysha Lenkin - For all the ambitious women out there, Elysha is here to help you take charge of your style game! No more wardrobe dilemmas – Elysha is a personal stylist who specializes in making getting dressed a breeze. Get ready to feel and look your absolute best with her inspiring workshop. 💃👗 @elysha_nyc 

These incredible speakers are bringing their expertise and passion to Chic Retreat NYC, and we can't wait to share their wisdom with all of you! Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and chic. 💁‍♀️💫

#ChicRetreatNYC #TCR #Empowerment #NYCretreats  #HealthyHabits #nycevents #retreats #speakers #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #newyorkevents #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #nutrition #achiclife #workitladypodcast #elyshalenkin #elyshalenkinstyle
Tag a woman, a friend, that embodies strength, resilience, or unwavering determination in her journey towards greatness. ✨💖👯‍♀️

Let her know you see her, and celebrate her! 🌟💃🏻

Join us at The Chic Retreat NYC on November 10th + 11th, 2023, where we’ll be immersing ourselves in learning, vision and goalsetting, impactful, breakout sessions, mindful movement, incredible city experiences right in the heart of Lower Manhattan. 

This is where empowerment meets style, and where connections are forged that last a lifetime.

We’re bringing together powerhouse speakers, industry leaders, and heart-to-heart conversations on topics that matter - from women leading the way forward to self-love, business growth, and finding your true purpose. It’s a celebration of everything that makes you, YOU.

In a city that never sleeps, find solace in connecting with women who share your fire for growth and personal development. Join us for meaningful walks and curated city experiences that will leave you inspired and rejuvenated.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your dreams. 

Register now by clicking the link in bio and let’s make November 10th + 11th a moment to remember!! 🗽💃🏻🚀

Hello Community,

We've been busy behind the scene planning amazing Chic events, which we can't wait to share with you,  However Saturday, 9/30, we will be offline, in observance of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

September 30th is recognized as "Orange Shirt Day" and we will be wearing orange as a symbol of solidarity, read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's 94 Calls to Action, engage in meaningful and constructive conversations, and support our community's continuous learning efforts.

This day is dedicated to honoring the Indigenous children who were lost, stolen, and recovered, as well as those who survived residential schools, their families, and communities. It serves as an opportunity for us to acknowledge the tragic and painful history and the ongoing impacts it has had on Indigenous peoples.

You can find resources and reports of Truth and Reconciliation at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website and on the Gov of Canada website.

With gratitude,
Amy + The Chic Community
Let us Re Introduce ourselves as we all settle into a new business season, Fall 2023, we love you already!!

hi, it’s us, The Chic Experience 👋

@the_chic_experience we're all about uplifting UP women and non-binary people and has diversity and community connection at its core. 🌟

Our Vision: 👁️
To break the glass ceiling in education for creative entrepreneurs.🌈

Our Mission: 🌍
The mission of The Chic Experience is to empower creative entrepreneurs to maximize their success by sharing knowledge and experiences that educate and inspire all. 💃🚀

Stay tuned for more motivational content and empowering stories from our community. Let's embark on this chic journey together! 💖 

#septemberbusinessnewyear #letsconnect #happyseptember 
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Introducing Chic Summer Series Partner and Wellness Activation!!🤗🫧 @sonawellnessclinic @theholisticblonde 
We couldn’t be more excited to have them apart of our team and this experience!👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿
Here are a few fun facts about Sona Wellness:
✨Cold plunging is an invigorating experience, giving you a burst of energy during your Chic Experience! Cold therapy offers many benefits such as increased circulation, reduces inflammation, strengthens mental resilience, and boosts metabolism! You’ll also get to spend some time in the infrared sauna to support detoxification. 

✨The Ballancer Pro is a state-of-the-art compression therapy that is designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage. The treatment feels like a relaxing massage, and moves excess fluid out of the body. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation, improves immune function, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and supports the body’s natural detoxification processes, leading to overall health and well-being.

✨Colon Hydrotherapy involves gentlying cleansing the large colon using clean, filtered water. This removes accumulated toxins and bacteria, aad helps to restore digestion by improving muscle tone and increasing natural peristalsis. Benefits include less bloating, decreased fatigue and brain fog, increased energy, reduced sugar cravings, and improved immune system. Sona Wellness also offers nutrition and detox programs for added support on your wellness journey. Colonics will not be offered during the Summer Series, but feel free to reach out to Kelly/Sona Wellness to book your session!
It’s not too late to grab your ticket to our Chic Summer Series!!🎟️ Check out the dates available through the link in our bio!

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We cant wait for you to join us at The Chic Summer Series!!🥳💖🥰✨

Here’s WHY!
Movement, Mindset + Mental wellness + Breath work, Laugh Therapy, Vision & Goal Setting, Workshops (2 of these 5 per event); PR for your biz, Social Media (sales on social), Financial Freedom, Branding for your biz AND Etsy (How to sell successfully)
Activations (choose one per event) - Cold Plunge & Sauna, Lymphatic Therapy or Lakeside walk + health talk.
All-Inclusive - Food/Lunch, Snacks, Drinks (Wine, Tea + Sips, Gifting, beauty activations and meaningful connections.
If you are joining us for a 3 date or 7 date package, there are a LOT of various speakers to enjoy, 5 workshops total, gifting and activations PER date!
Special Thanks to our Wine Sponsor: Liquidity Wines + Cedar Creek Winery
Sips, Food + Snacks sponsors: Karma Farming, Vic & Jo Tea and TJs Grazing + Baked by Cindy
Space & Activataions: CoLab, Sona Wellness, Araya Skin + Elate Beauty
LET'S BE CHIC TOGETHER, See you there friend!🥰💃🏽

#ChicSummerSeries #TCE #chicevents #kelownaliving #explorekelowna #kelownabc #kelownawomeninbusiness #entrepreneurwoman #womennetworking #kelownaevents #smallbusinessbc #womenempoweringwomen #kelownaliving #kelownanow #growyourbusiness #kelownalifestyle #femaleentrepreneurs #femalecreatives #womeninbusiness #fempreneur #onlinebusiness #businessbabes #empoweredwomen #femalebusinessowner #womenwithambition #kelownaEvent #okanaganliving #kelownawomen
CLOSED // winner @briannanils // Grab your bestie and get ready to have a great time!💃🏼

Enter our Summer Giveaway! (24 hours only)! 🤗


✨2 sparkle ball earrings (rose gold + merlot) @hillbergandberk 

✨1 bottle of Martin's Lane wine @martinslanewinery 

✨1 makeup box with 2 Charlotte Tilbury products (eyeshadow palette and lipstick) @charlottetilbury 

✨1 Chic Studios Online Makeup Class @chicstudios 

✨2 Gift Cards EACH $25 - for The Chic Summer Series tickets for you and a friend! @the_chic_experience 

TO ENTER: (1 winner!) Whoever posts the most: comments, likes, posts, stories, reshares) 

1 ENTRY PER: share, comment, like, and anyone who bought a summer series ticket

Giveaway: 24 hours. Starting 5/31 9am - 6/1 9am. Winner announced 1pm June 1

#thechicexperience #tce #chicsummerseries #summergiveaway #kelowna #okanagana #bcgiveaway #kelownagiveaway #kelownaevents #okanaganevents #kelownabusiness #entrepreneurcommunity #community
Being your best self takes ONE day at a time!💕

We wanted to make this summer something special, something epic... so we did, The Chic Summer Series!✨

What’s included in EACH date:

Movement, Mindset, Mental wellness, Breath work OR Vision and Goal Setting, Laughter Therapy, Business Workshops (2 of the 5 each date) - PR for your Business, Social Media (making sales on social), Etsy Shop Success, Finance Freedom, Branding for You or Business, also, a Guest Speaker each date AND a Skincare/Beauty suite with gifting.🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏻

Activations (choose one per event) - Cold Plunge + Sauna, Lymphatic Therapy, Lakeside walk OR Underarm Laser treatment. 
All-Inclusive - Food/Lunch, Snacks, Drinks (Wine, Tea + Sips (non-alcohol), Gifting and meaningful connections.

This is a 'Mini Retreat' style event, and the most epic mental spa day, designed to inspire and connect YOU with like-minded women to be YOUR BEST self!💃🏽🎉

🎟️ PS. You asked, we listened!! We had requests to attend more than one date, so we added a NEW Ticket Option - ALL 7 dates, for the cost of six! (purchase this package and you're receiving one free) - this is a great gift for friends or work colleagues.  These 7 dates can be split with different people (for example, you can attend a few of dates and gift the other dates) 

Can't wait to be Chic with you, See you soon beauties!😘

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It's happening - The Chic Summer Series is here and selling fast! 🥳💖 did you get your ticket yet??

Join us at downtown @okcolab this summer for a day of epic vibes, unique activations, meaningful connections, and a Chic experience! 

An intimate group of like-minded women coming together to learn, evolve, elevate their business and to connect far beyond the day! ✨

🎟 Tickets are now live on our website, or link in Bio! don't wait to reserve your spot! 🙌🏼

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Introducing our new office space!🎉🥳

Okanagan coLab (Community Lab) is a coworking space where people gather to learn, grow, and build impactful community initiatives and businesses. @okcolab 
coLab designed their place for purpose, fostering a collaborative and supportive community, providing mentorship, and promoting sustainability. Their aim is to be the best work environment for creators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers alike.⁠
👉️A community built around 5 core values: Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Purposefulness, and Celebration⁠
👉️500+ members and alumni, and over 5K in contacts⁠
👉️1000s of hours of skills development programs and events⁠
👉️Partners in Corporate, Education, Government⁠
👉️Diverse member success stories of innovation and growth⁠
👉️11 years of producing impactful community initiatives⁠
Exciting news!! There are still a few spaces still available - if you want a creative, high vibe, working environment, that lights you up each day, check out @okcolab !🙌🏼

⁠If you haven’t seen the space yet - sign up for @chiccreativecommunity next Connect and Collab on May 5th!🤗

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