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Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend?Day Pass
Tell Us a bit about yourself - How old are you?45-55
Are you in a relationship?Married
How do you define your sexuality?Hetersexual
Are you working?I own my own business
What is your annual household income?$32,000-$52,000 CAD
What is your ethnicity?White
Did you join any workshops?
  • Financial Freedom with Julia Hodsman
  • Reels + TikTok for Business with Courtney Miller
Did you book additional Spa treatments at Sparkling Hill?Yes
Did you receive and read The Weekender and Chic Times NewspapersNo, I didn't get a copy
What did take away from The Chic Retreat?
  • New connections
  • Greater confidence in my skills
  • Tons of free gift!
How likely are you to tell a friend about The Chic Retreat?10 - I Already Have!
Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat?4
If you booked the full weekend, was it good value for the money?Yes, it was a good value
How do you rate the location (Sparkling Hill)?5 - Amazing
How do you rate The Chic Experience Decor?5 - Amazing
How do rate the food?5 - Amazing
How do you rate the Speakers?5 - Amazing
What The Chic Experience events would you be interested in attending in future?1 Day / 1 Night Mini Retreat