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Amy Nicole Cohen

Amy is an entrepreneur and beauty expert, and the CEO and Founder of Chic Studios School of Makeup. Amy began with an outpost in NY and then quickly grew her studios to include Los Angeles and a pop-up in Denver. Chic Studios, under Amy’s leadership was able to expand its offerings during 2020 to successfully launch a full menu of on-line makeup training programs. Amy regularly facilitates masterclasses for aspiring artists and is the driving force behind numerous women’s networking events, bringing together small businesses and energizing women toward growth and success. Amy recently launched The Chic Retreat, under ‘The Chic Experience’ umbrella to connect and inspire like-minded women and creative entrepreneurs worldwide.

Originally from Canada, Amy has worked extensively in both LA and New York City, refining her skills both as a makeup artist and as a business owner and leader.

Amy started her very first makeup school business out of an apartment in Brooklyn, and has been growing since 2009, with 3500+ graduates from all over the world. Amy is a regular speaker on panels, and regularly contributes to the learning and growth of numerous small community-based nonprofits and small businesses.


To break the glass ceiling in education for creative entrepreneurs.


To empower creative entrepreneurs to maximize their success through sharing knowledge and experience to educate and inspire all.


Honest, passionate and visionary, Amy brings people together on every aspect of life and work, igniting true connections both professionally and personally.

The Chic Experience

This is an experience centred on uplifting women and non-binary people that has diversity and community building at its core.

The mission of Chic Experiences is to empower creative entrepreneurs to maximize their success by sharing knowledge and experiences that educate and inspire all.

The all-female senior team have built and are active participants in communities aimed at the economic empowerment and wellbeing of women and non-binary people.

Come Be Chic With Us!