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Which part of the Chic Retreat did you attend?Full Weekend Retreat
Tell Us a bit about yourself - How old are you?35-40
Are you in a relationship?Married
How do you define your sexuality?Heterosexual
Are you working?I own my own business
What is your annual household income?$107,000-$236,000 CAD
What is your ethnicity?White
What activations did you take part in?
  • Hydrafacial with Smooth Effects Kelowna
  • Smoothies and Gut Healing with Sona Wellness
  • ATB Wealth Tea Party with Vic & Jo Tea
Which speaking sessions did you enjoy?
  • Keynote: Find that Thing with Rachel Mielke
Did you attend any of the Connections?
  • Communicating with Sally Phillips
Did you listen to any of the Power Panel sessions on Sunday?
  • Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Women of Influence + Impact
Did you book additional Spa treatments at Sparkling Hill?No
What beverages did you enjoy at the event?
  • Martin's Lane (featured Friday night)
  • Peak Cellers (featured Saturday afternoon)
  • Farming Kara
  • Vic & Joe Tea
Did you receive and read The Weekender and Chic Times NewspapersYes-I loved them!
What did take away from The Chic Retreat?
  • New connections
  • New friends
  • New companies I could work with
  • New companies I'd love to buy from in the future
  • New skills
  • Tons of free gift!
What was your highlight of the weekend?

The gala!

What would you like to learn more about at a future retreat? (e.g relationships, navigating divorce, sexual wellness, mediSpa treatments, skincare, business growth, leadership, wealth management, professional services (accounting, legal, HR etc), hormone balancing, nutritional wellness, biohacking)

business growth, professional services, nutritional wellness

What could we have done better?

Food on the first night - pasta, not filling enough and not a lot of food options at the resort

How likely are you to tell a friend about The Chic Retreat?10 - I Already Have!
Overall how would you rate The Chic Retreat?4
If you booked the full weekend, was it good value for the money?Yes, it was a good value
How do you rate the location (Sparkling Hill)?5 - Amazing
How do you rate The Chic Experience Decor?5 - Amazing
How do rate the food?3
What The Chic Experience events would you be interested in attending in future?2 Night / 2 Day (Conference + Retreat Style)
Anything to add, we'd love to hear! Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend experience!