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Attending a luxury retreat is an experience that promises relaxation, rejuvenation, quality services and experiences. Whether it’s along the coast in Malibu, overlooking the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, under the sun in the South of France, or in the vineyards, in Italy, we plan for a seamless and enjoyable adventure, with like-minded ladies. Now, all that aside, it’s important for you, the attendee to plan and pack to ensure you have the best time! Here are some tips and thoughts to consider.


Look up the Location

Before you start packing, get to know your destination. Check the climate (or read our FAQ’s) we always outline the amenities and experiences as well, so you can plan ahead.

Curate a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. This is particularly useful for luxury retreats where you’ll want to look stylish yet feel comfortable from shoes to sun-dresses or shorts. All Chic retreats, we post an outfit ‘inspo’ for you to check out as well. We have these under FAQ’s or the retreat page.

Luxury Travel Essentials

Packing the right essentials can enhance your comfort and convenience during the trip.

  • Passport – Check!
  • Phone Charger – check the country for the correct connection
  • Personal Items – such as sunscreen, sunglasses, sweater for the evenings, sun hat and sandals you can dress up or down.

Wellness and Leisure Items

Your luxury retreat is likely to offer a range of activities from spa treatments to yoga sessions.

  • Activewear: Pack comfortable and stylish workout clothes for yoga, hiking, or gym sessions.
  • Swimwear: Bring a couple of swimsuits for poolside lounging or beach activities. A cover-up or kaftan can add a touch of elegance.
  • Reading Material: Bring a few good books or magazines for some leisurely reading by the pool or in your suite.

Smart Packing Techniques

Efficient packing can save you space and keep your belongings organized is always a good thing when traveling to any destination with more than one connection or another country.

Plan to Relax

While the goal of a luxury retreat is to relax, at Chic Retreats, we have a schedule, yet a loose itinerary can help you make the most of your time. We plan in advance all luxury meals, reservations are made, boat or shuttles are booked, rooms are ready upon arrival. Food and wine and coffee or smoothie bar is stocked. We want you to enjoy every moment at a Chic retreat.

Stay Connected, or Disconnect

Decide how connected you want to be during your retreat. We welcome photos and social media, we encourage you to check in with family if you feel that helps them or you, or disconnect and soak up the time to adventure and retreat at a gorgeous destination.


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