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Of the event, The Chic Experience Founder Amy Nicole Cohen (Top 40 over 40 Chamber of Commerce Award Winner) said “The Chic Summit is more than just a conference; it’s an experiential event for like-minded women to come together to connect, laugh together, learn and level up, both personally and professionally. The vision of The Chic Summit was to create something that would feel special, be memorable, and make attendees feel like they were exactly where they were meant to be.”

Senior Vice-President, ATB Wealth Advisory Services Sherri Wright-Schwietz, who delivered a powerful keynote and was accompanied by leaders and team members from across ATB Wealth had this to say “It was an absolute privilege to speak and network with the incredible women at The Chic Summit. I am passionate about supporting people in dreaming big and finding their personal definition of what success is—beyond traditional things like money and titles. We all have a complex journey in life and with communities like the ones I experienced at The Chic Summit, we can help carry each other confidently into the future

The Chic Experience, is an experiential events company that hosts world-wide, to bring like-minded people together with events such as; The Chic Retreat, Connect + Collab Business mixers, Chic Summer Series, and The Chic Summit Conference.

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