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With the multifaceted needs of entrepreneurial women in mind, The Chic Retreat offered speeches, workshops, informal connections and dynamic brand experiences to over 200 women who attended the event at Sparkling Hill from March 10-12.

The speeches took on the topics of self-compassion, non-defensive communication, making an impact, the seven pillars of business success and the need to centre a business on passion to overcome challenges.

“My dream of creating a retreat for women that brought together beauty, which is my background, as well as business and wellness was born during my time living in Los Angeles,” explains Amy Nicole Cohen, the founder of The Chic Experience.

“After relocating to Lake Country in 2019 and visiting Sparkling Hill, I knew that my dream had found a home right here in the heart of the Okanagan.”

Those who shared their insights at the event were UBC Okanagan professor Dr. Lesley Lutes, executive coach Sally Phillips, ATB Wealth senior vice president Sherri Wright-Schweitz, Billion Dollar Beauty founder CEO Natalie Plain, and Hillberg and Berk founder CEO Rachel Mielke.

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