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Speakers & Panelists

Jadis Tillery

American born, Canadian raised and now living in the UK, Jadis has 20 years of marketing experience and has won awards for her groundbreaking work in social media. Jadis worked with high profile UK and US celebrity talent to help them make revenue from their social media channels. She counts herself lucky to have worked with then rising stars, now industry icons, Amy Cohen, Hung Vanngo and Beau Nelson in her days as New Faces Manager with Mode Models in Calgary, Canada.

Fun Fact: Jadis’ love of beauty started at an early age and her first job at 13 years old was for Revlon in the Yukon in Canada!

Rachel Mielke

Founder & CEO of Hillberg & Berk @rachelmielke101

Rachel is well known for her leadership and entrepreneurial achievement as Founder & CEO of Canadian jewelry brand, Hillberg & Berk. The company started from her kitchen table and was named to honour her great-grandmother, Hilda Bergman. With fourteen stores across Canada, and global Ecommerce operations, Rachel has grown the H&B brand that continues to attract international attention and demand.

Courtney Miller of Miller Digital

@courtney.millerdigital, is a Social Media + Content Marketing coaching for entrepreneurs.

Courtney is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs social media and content marketing strategies so they can feel confident and empowered with managing their own social to get their business noticed online. She’ll be heading up our Social Media Break Out Business sessions during the Chic Retreat.

Dr. Lesley Lutes

Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training, and Director of the Center for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence @ubc_okanagan

Dr. Lutes is a clinical psychologist whose area of research is in behavioral medicine: developing innovative treatment approaches focused on lifestyle behavioral change, and improving mental health and well-being.

Jessica Nobrega

Owner of Grace & Flow, Director at The Yoga Science School. @graceandflow

Energetic and positive, Jessica cares passionately about community and informed health and wellness. She provides energetic release while respecting individual limitations through her practices.

Taking a holistic approach to life, family and business, Jessica understands the pressures women put on themselves in today’s fast-paced world and helps others create space and stronger boundaries to protect their joy, creativity and productivity.

Julia Hodsman

Financial Wellness Advisor and Investment Representative

Julia is passionate about financial wellness and will be speaking with a focus on Financial Freedom personally and professionally.

The founder of an engaging wealth practice designed for women to educate and empower them to reach their financial goals in life or in business, Julia’s process involves helping women develop a healthy money mindset and create good money habits in order to achieve financial freedom.

Natalie Plain

Founder and CEO of Billion Dollar Beauty @natalieplain

Natalie started Billion Dollar Beauty out of her one-bedroom LA apartment using credits cards and a whole lot of tenacity. Fast forward 18 years and BDB is a multi-million-dollar global company that continues to expand and invests in innovation to make its products sustainable, environmentally safe, and cost-friendly. Equally as crucial to Natalie is her time mentoring future entrepreneurs and sharing her journey with other female leaders, encouraging them to continue to dare to achieve.


@boldsexywarrior is a Visibility Business Coach.

A first generation Chinese Canadian, Rosalyn is a life and leadership business coach, with a black belt in Karate, she holds no barriers when it comes to coaching on self confidence.

“If the dream is in you, it’s for you. Bet on yourself and go all in”


Senior HR Consultant and Executive, Leadership Coach & Business Development Coach. @sally.l.phillips.5

Sally specializes in HR organization and strategy within business, with a background as an employment lawyer, C-suite executive and head of global HR, allowing her to wear three hats in the consulting world. She’s an expert on how to handle the hard conversations and will be sharing her knowledge and best practices with us at The Chic Retreat.⠀

Laurence Rich

@iamlaurich is a small business owner, floral designer, wife and mom. She started her business, @FleuRichCreations, in the summer of 2017 with the goal of creating beautiful floral arrangements with sustainable methods and highlighting seasonal, local blooms. What started as a home-based business catering to weddings quickly grew into what we now know as a floral and lifestyle boutique located in the Lower Mission of Kelowna.

Paige Mathison is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and owner of the private practice Another Chapter Counselling in Kelowna, BC. When not working 1:1 with clients, she has a passion for spreading wellness information through group education or social media. Although not spreading laughter to stages as a comedian quite as frequently, she utilizes a lighthearted approach for difficult topics. There is always something to take away from her presentations, even if it is the ability to say that you’ve done something good for your mental wellbeing.


@loewenlifestyle is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger.

A former teacher, with a beautiful family, great sense of style and a passion for travel, Julianna married all her loves together and pivoted her career online. She’ll be joining us a local host, with a passion for community and connection, she’ll quickly become your new soul sister.


@taninnicole is an accomplished MUA & Photographer.

Over the years, Tanin has come to specialize in makeup for different skin types, textures, and ethnicities and is well recognized for her diverse portfolio. Passing on her knowledge gained through masterclasses and group workshops is always at the forefront of her work, while striving towards an aesthetic that will make you feel confident and empowered.

Journey Henkart

@journeyhenkart is an international speaker, published author and world traveler. Her book is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, John Gray and Stephen Covey. She has over 20 years of experience as a professional public speaker, sharing the stage with thought leaders such as Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield and John Maxwell. She has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows internationally, including the Oprah Show. Journey is a certified breathwork instructor and entrepreneur who loves creating community and connection through her heart-based networking events.

Dr. Kyleen Myrah

Kyleen manages a corporate training business focused on leadership development, strategic planning and professional speaking since late 1990’s. She is a Faculty Advisor for the student-led Enactus Okanagan College team and just recently placed in the top 4 at the Enactus World Cup (Nov 2022). She has been at the Okanagan College for 23 years.


@amynicolecohen Founder of Chic Studios, The Chic Experience, Co-Founder of Chic Creative Community.

With a successful MUA career in LA, a list of celebrity clients, fashion shows and photoshoots, Amy launched her own Make Up Schools in 2009, based in NYC, LA & Denver.

Now residing back in Canada with her family, whilst continuing to run the daily operations of her businesses, her love for bringing people together for connection & community shines brightly and she’ll be sharing all her secrets at The Chic Retreat.






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